Molly — Shelter

Location: Oley, Pennsylvania

I lived near a Humane Society shelter, and everyday while walking or driving by, I would hear several dogs whining, as if they were crying out for help. I went inside the shelter one afternoon and instantly, I found my forever friend laying in one of the closed rooms, staring at me with her pitiful eyes. I knew that she had a rough background and I wanted to learn more. It turns out, she was abandoned twice by owners that could not handle her energy. Surprisingly enough, she developed serious separation anxiety and had various parasites in her body causing her to lose weight excessively. I knew that I wanted to give her a better life, so I adopted her. I named her Molly, after an old dog that my boyfriend once had who was loyal. I took Molly to the pet store, bought her food and toys, and started talking to one of the dog trainers. She informed me that I had an extremely intelligent dog and I should enroll her in obedience classes. Little did I know, this dog would excel so well that I would eventually be preparing for the AKC Canine Good Citizen test. Molly, the Beagle/German Shepherd mix, was given up twice, but wanted another chance at a better life. She has become a blessing to my family, and will one day become a therapy dog to bless the lives of children in hospitals. Rescue dogs are not forgotten dogs, but they are the dogs that have shaped so many lives, including my own. Without Molly, I would not have an emotional support animal and a best friend.

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