Molly Jo — Therapy

Location: New Hyde Park, New York

Both my husband and I knew at our first visit with Molly when she was only 8 weeks old, that this little girl was special. The ” cow-lick ” on her nose gave her away. Ah, she was a force to reckon with.Molly began her obedience training with her now mentor-handler Guillermo Roa when she was 3 months old. Gullermo, aka Memo, quickly realized that Molly had the unique ability to understand his conversation in both English and Spanish. With an angelic temperament and a spot on language aptitude, Molly was the perfect candidate to become a bilingual therapy dog.Receivng her therapy dog certification at only a year and a half old, Molly truly began her career with Memo when she was a baby. Where Molly and Memo would best serve the community based on their skills was diligently studied by both Memo and I. It was decided that Covenant House and YAI would present the appropriate atmospheres for Molly’s talents. Many of the residents at Covenant House are Spanish speaking. They range in ages from toddlers to young adults. Molly just knows her audience. She knows ” who wants to run and play”, and who needs quiet cuddling time. WNBC and The Daily News featured Molly and Memo during a therapy session at Covenant House. YAI offers a totally different set of challenges for Molly. Many of the adults who participate at YAI’s Farmingdale facility are severely physically challenged. She meets every challenge like a PRO… She exemplifies the honor of The Hero Dog Award . She’s everyone’s hero

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