Molly the Fire Safety Dog — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Clarksville, Arkansas

Molly the Fire Safety Dog, a true American Hero Dog, reaches tens of thousands of children from across the United States with her fire safety efforts. A canine ambassador for the US, Molly Skypes her life-saving fire safety program with children and adults from across the world.

Molly loves being a working dog and has helped firefighters teach fire safety to children and adults since the tender age of 9 weeks old. Her aim is to help save lives and reduce injuries and fire losses.

Today, at almost 6 years old, Molly continues her work as spokes-dog for the non-profit charity, the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation. She also serves as Honorary Fire Marshal for the City of Little Rock Fire Department and is a fire service dog for her fire department, Johnson County RFD #1.

In addition to traveling 20,000+ miles a year to make fire safety presentations and appearing at events across the United States, Molly loves Skyping with school children from other countries.

To date, Molly has Skyped her popular fire safety program with children from 44 US states and 24 countries from across the world (6 continents!). Summing the virtual miles to schools, Molly Skypes total enough miles from earth to the moon and back!

Whether it is sharing a fire safety tip on her Facebook page, visiting schools, libraries, fire departments, or fire museums, Molly is happiest when she is working.

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