Molly — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Shelbyville, Kentucky

On September 4th 2013, I received an email containing information of with a picture of Molly. She had been picked up by Animal Control and was listed as urgent by Star animal rescue. Molly’s collar had become embedded into her neck and had to be surgically removed. She had scars on her muzzle from barbed wire that was still stuck on her coat, and her nails were so long they had grown into her pads. Molly’s fur was matted and filled with excrement to the point she could no longer relieve herself. Despite all the outward signs of neglect and deprivation, Molly maintained her calm and loving nature.

Molly came to us as a foster dog and has stayed with us as a family member. I believed Molly’s temperament was perfect for a therapy dog so we joined WAGS Pet Therapy of Kentucky. On January 10th, 2015, she passed her test and became a therapy dog. Along with visiting Norton Children’s Hospital, (as seen in picture), a middle school, cancer center, and another hospital in Louisville Ky., we also have accompanied a lawyer visiting high school classrooms teaching animal abuse legislation in Ky. She is a favorite among many of the staff, patients and brings smiles to everyone she meets. She has assisted a small child who was in pain and reluctant to walk. The child walked with one hand on Molly while his mom held the other hand. Molly walked patiently beside him. Even though she was once neglected, Molly brings comfort and happiness to many in need.