Monson — Therapy

Location: BUXTON, Maine

“Monson” is my seven- year- old Dalmatian and companion. I have been lucky enough to participate with him in a diverse range of therapy work. Monson (CH Yankee Sebago & Patch Mt Miles To Go Monson CGC, CGCU, BN, RA, TDIAOV, THDX, TKN, TKI, TKA) has competed in breed, agility, rally, and obedience, but his true calling is as a therapy dog. Together we are making a difference, and we both really love that!

Every Tuesday evening Monson visits a teen shelter where he gives his unconditional love to homeless adolescents struggling with a variety of issues including mental illness, abuse, addiction, PTSD, and transgender. Monson offers comfort by sitting in laps, kissing away tears, and just being present. Many of Monsons’s fans make a special effort to come to the shelter to see him even if it means making an extra effort in their already impossible days. His quiet, calm demeanor and love without judgment, is a comfort to both youth and staff.

We also participate in the ‘Tail Waggin ‘Tutors Reading Program at a local school. Middle school students read to Monson one on one in the classrooms and in the special needs classroom. The students look forward to our visits and have been known to plan on Monson’s visit with holiday gifts. Monson loves these students and always has enough time at the end of reading for one last snuggle, hug, or kiss.