Moxie Ralston — Service

Location: Waddell, Arizona

The reason I believe Moxie deserves this award is due to Moxie herself. Moxie came to live with me a few years back when I was having difficulty breathing and walking. Moxie had begun to show signs of muscle and bone deterioration herself. My daughter suggested having Moxie stay with me as Moxie has always been attentive and alert to unusual situations. My daughter also thought Moxie would benefit from having a job to do to keep Moxie active. Moxie came to live with me a few years ago and I believe we have continued to SAVE one another daily! Moxie has had serious muscle loss from age and trouble walking. When she is on the job, you can not notice her walking issues and you wouldn’t know she had kidney, hearing and sight problems. We keep one another alive on a day to day basis!

My daughter , Lori Ralston, throughout the years has been training and working with Moxies on behavior and support. Moxie was enrolled in dog behavior training at a young age. My son in law, Charles Ralston, took this particular photo of Moxie.