Mr Gibbs — Therapy

Charity Partner: PAWS for People
Location: Newark, Delaware

on a cold day in january 2011 my life changed. That was the day i was wheeled into our local animal shelter. I was 69 lbs,and bald. I hadnt left the house in years. The anxiety was overwhelming for me. I was in the final stages of anorexia. My arms and legs showed fresh cut marks from using a razor for hours at a time. My doctors knew finding a dog was my last hope. I wasnt optimistic. i hated myself,but i went along with everyones wishes. In the shelter i saw this little brown puggle curled up in his cage. he was skin and bones also. there was an instant connection. A few days later i brought Mr gibbs home. I started to take him for walks in my wheel chair . then progressed to using a cane. my anxiety was decreasing and i began to realize the world wasnt so bad after all. then by chance i was at an event and paws for people was there. i began to talk to a team member about joining. i filled out the application and went through the training. mr gibbs was certified in 2013.i wanted to share him with everyone. we started visiting at an assisted living facility. almost 5 years later we still visit weekly. we also work with autistic children at a local school. the kids there help walk mr gibbs,brush him, and put clothes on him. a few have even hugged him . they get so excited when he walks into the class room. another favorite visit is at hospice. mr gibbs gets into bed with patients who are transitioning. the families love it as do the patients. together we have over 1000 hrs.