Mr. Gibbs — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Newark, Delaware

I am nominating my dog MR GIBBS as an emerging hero. He saved my life. When I was wheeled into FAITHFUL FRIENDS ANIMAL SHELTER in Wilmington, DE on a cold January day in 2011 I was facing sure death. I was 60 pounds and nearly bald. My face was sunken in and every bone in my body was visible. I was in the end stages of anorexia. My frail arms were covered in razor blade marks from cutting myself for hours at a time daily. I had been dismissed from 2 inpatient treatment programs because they said I could not be helped. As a final effort my therapist suggested a dog because she knew of my love of animals. My parents wheeled me into the shelter and I could barely hold my head up. I did see this little pug/beagle mix in a ball in the crate. He was skin and bones also. I put in the application and a few days later he came home. I started to take him for walks in my wheelchair. I then slowly progressed to using a cane and going outside. I was previously terrified of leaving my house.

I was feeding him well and his bones were disappearing. I also slowly started to eat. Not a lot at first but I was making progress. My hair began coming back. Gibbs and I now walk around the neighborhood daily with the use of my cane. The cutting slowly decreased and hasn’t happened in a while. I then had mr Gibbs certified as a therapy dog with Paws for People in Newark, DE. We now make weekly visits to a children’s inpatient psychiatric facility and kids at schools and libraries. I owe him my life.