Murdock — Service

Sponsor: Lulu’s Fund
Location: Bullard, Texas

Murdock is the definition of an underdog turned hero. He was abandoned at a shelter when he was 8 months old and was rescued by me when I was searching for a canine companion to assist me with my increasing health issues. As soon as they brought him out of the shelter, he plopped all sixty pounds of himself right in my lap and it’s been history ever since. In return for rescuing him, he now rescues me every day.
Shortly after being brought home, we began noticing that Murdock would act really clingy shortly before I had a fainting episode or got a migraine. These natural alerts were shaped into solid tasks and help me stay safe every day. Murdock will apply deep pressure therapy when I experience sleep paralysis or narcoleptic hallucinations in my sleep to keep me calm and bring me out of those episodes. He alerts to my rising heart rate so that I can sit down and he is trained to crawl underneath my legs to help increase blood flow. When my brain isn’t functioning correctly due to something called brain fog he is trained to find the closest exit, my car, a family member, or a friend just by me saying a few words. Murdock does important mobility tasks like forward momentum pulling, counter balance, and guide work to assist me when I am dizzy or in pain.
Without Murdock I would not be where I am in my life today. He is my biggest source of independence, my lifeline, and of course, the best friend a girl could ever have.
Maybe I saved his life, but he has definitely saved mine.

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