Murphy the Magnificent — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: North Mankato, Minnesota

Murphy the Magnificent is a formerly abused Golden Retriever who was rescued at the age of two. Underweight and heartworm-positive, he was nursed back to health and trained by his Furever Family to become one of the most well-known therapy dogs in Minnesota. Murphy is responsible for introducing animal assisted therapy and activities to thousands of school children across the state during the past nine years. More recently, he has been working behind closed doors of the state hospital system providing comfort and companionship to those who are forbidden or have limited access to freedom due to court-imposed sanctions. There are few places that Murphy has not shared his love, including assisted living facilities, hospitals, K-12 schools, prisons, professional conferences, and universities. He also serves as a Red Cross disaster responder. Perhaps his most exciting claim to fame was his efforts four years ago to begin a therapy dog program for weary travelers at the Minneapolis (MSP) International Airport. Working in collaboration with the MSP Airport Foundation, today the MSP Animal Ambassadors have nearly 40 therapy dog teams volunteering their time to meet and greet as many as possible of the annual 37 million (!) passengers who pass through MSP International on their way across the globe. To say that Murphy has friends across the world is no exaggeration–not too shabby for a former lost and abused dog who was near death when he got his second chance all those years ago.