Mya — Shelter

Location: Morristown, Tennessee

Our dog, Mya deserves the American Hero Dog title. Our story began at our local shelter; I wanted a dog so bad and my husband was not totally on board with me. He had lost a great dog and his heart was broken by his loss. I walked in and saw Mya and knew that she had to be part of our family. I brought her home from the vet where she had been spayed, I had gone to do something so Mya and my husband, Philip where alone together in our living room, he was eating and he called her to him, gave her a bite and the friendship began. Philip always said, “No animals on the couch!”. Well, I came home from work to find Mya and Philip snuggled up on the couch. She had mended his broken heart and allowed him to open to dogs again. My husband was sick and had to travel many times to get medical treatment, Mya became his travel companion on his trips to get his medical treatment. I believe that her being with him helped to heal and make it through all his trips. Mya coming into our family not only opened Philip’s heart up to dogs, but also opened my in-laws hearts up to dogs. Mya has been attacked and almost killed in our yard by two dogs, she has beat cancer, had pancreatitis, a two-pound lipoma removed, and just a week ago she had two tumors removed from her breast. We are praying that the recent tumors will be benign. Mya has not saved someone in the conventional way, but she has saved all of us in her own way. She calms us when we are upset, comforts us if we hurt. Mya is a HERO.

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