Myrna — Service

Charity Partner: Paws With A Cause
Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Myrna is trained to assist me with my PTSD/TBI and mobility assistance. She reminds me to take my medication in the morning and evening with in a 5 minute window as well as alert me to take additional medication throughout the day as needed. Myrna alerts me to oncoming medical episodes such as anxiety/panic attacks, she also is credited with alerting me to very early stage of cervical cancer which has contributed to the doctors being able to remove the cancer cells and treat before it spread to dangerous stages. Myrna also provides me with mobility assistance that I require due to an injury requiring a total hip replacement. She is able to alert me to get off my legs before I over due it and cause major pain or nerve attack. She alerts me to take my nerve medication for my crushed nerves in my low back. Myrna also alerts me to anything going on in my surroundings which allows me to leave the house to do everyday necessary task. Myrna also wakes me up when I am having nightmares due to military sexual trauma I had experienced during my time in the Navy.