Nanook — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Ramona, California

This is my pup Nanook. Our story is kinda long but worth it. I found Nanook on facebook with her littermates and I had just gotten my last check from the job I left. I had lost my first dog a few years ago in a freak accident where she came from swimming and just collapsed. She passed away in my arms. My first dog was my light and really helped me through all the trauma from bullying I sustained. I was heart broken after her death and never got a connection like that again. My disabilities worsened, dropped college, work and stopped socializing. Until Nanook. I saw her and scheduled a visit to meet my possible service dog, which I had decided was best since my mental disabilities had gotten too severe. When we met, it was instant love, she stuck to my side, feel asleep on my boots and lap. Every visit went like this, she was mostly interested in me than anyone and her family. Brought her home and started her training! Ever since she came home she reminds me of all the great things I loved about my first dog, her love for water bottles, swimming, hiking, and playing. She has been a great service dog, she alerts to my post symptoms and helps me maintain a sense of normalcy and safety I don’t get by myself or around others. It’s hard to stay motivated through training as I have many down days, but she truly inspires me to keep working hard for us both. Now I’m planning for college and getting excited for the future, I thought I’d never get to. She’s my bestfriend and my HERO.

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