Nellie — Shelter

Location: Parrish, Florida

Nellie had been in a shelter for over five years. When I saw her she was standing there looking at me. When Sebring, Florida animal control picked her up she was about one year old. She was on death row when a no-kill shelter took her in, but the first three years weren’t too good, I was told. She was in a back barn and didn’t get any attention. And as you know, pit bulls or American Staffordshire terrier’s have been given a bad rap! It is so unfair. A friend of mine who volunteers at a shelter brought her to the shelter that she works at to try to get her adopted. That’s where I saw her. I fell in love with her. I was looking for a dog that would choose me and want to be loved after loosing my sixth rescue a few months before. Nellie knows she has been given a second chance and just loves to be loved. She waits for you and loves you and is so giving. She just wants to please and be loved. I think she thinkS she’s the luckiest dog in the world, but we are the lucky ones. I wonder how a dog that went through what Nellie has could’ve stayed so sweet! The picture shows Nellie with a flowered headband. This is to show you how much trust she still has in people. She will let you do anything to her because she believes there are good people out there. She looked really cute at Christmas!! Nellie has only been part of our family since September and has brought so much joy. We know the next year’s joy will be multiplied ten-fold.