Nick — Service

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

My Service Dog Nick is 3 years old & has already saved my life more times than I ever anticipated. My name is Jody and I’m a veteran of both the Army & Navy. Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs, Inc paired me with Nick in January of 2019, and what a year we’ve had.

Just one week into our partnership, Nick already changing my life. My blood pressure dropped by nearly 80 points, and I set a personal-best record of 6 continual hours of sleep! About 60 days in, Nick detected a heart attack and was instrumental in saving my life. Shortly after, Nick saved the day again, alerting my family to a stroke in late March. In May, I faced a temporary handicap, but Nick never faltered. Now, even though he was not specifically trained to do this, Nick communicates with me about my blood sugar by touching his nose to the coordinating hand: left for low & right for high.

My PTSD, and additional health issues made daily life increasingly difficult for my family. Without Nick, I added high BP, social anxiety & depression to my list of issues.

With Nick, I am excelling at work, taking public transportation with ease and spending stress-free time with my wife & daughters. Plus, I’m doing public speaking educating people about Service Dogs. Now, my family calls us the “dynamic duo”. There are no more “bumps in the night”. Every day, Nick goes above & beyond his training to adapt to my emotional & physical needs. One year later, and Nick the canine hero, has saved a soul – and changed a family.