Noodles (aka Noodle Bean) — Shelter

Location: Poughkeepsie, New York

My husband was looking for a Boxer and me and a German Shepherd. Then we saw Nelly. We fell in love. It was a very difficult time for us as my mother had suffered a tbi from a botched surgery after a car accident. So my mother in law knowing how much we loved her, bought her for us. We changed her name to Noodles as she was a hilarious little puppy girl and our light during a very difficult time.

Noodles would go to the Brain Rehab Facility with us and spend time with patients there. They even put her picture on the wall. She loved driving my mom’s wheelchair too. There she touched so many lives.

After that, my husband and I opened a business that helped mainly seniors do things they can’t or don’t want to do anymore. Noodles, would spend hours sitting with our senior clients. Many were dealing with a lose whether it be a spouse, pet or other loved one. Noodles helped them not feel lonely.

Noodles has helped me personally because I have a difficult time talking and engaging with people. She helps me find my voice and takes away some of that anxiety.

She’s acted in a short film too where she hit her mark first time and has made countless people laugh.

She’s also hiked many miles with my family and been wonderful toward my daughter, now 3. However, due to a problem with her spine, hikes are much shorter and easier now.

As she sleeps next to me, I think about how awesome and special this girl is to us and many others. We love our Noodle Bean.

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