Nova — Shelter

Location: Perkinston, Mississippi

Nova was rescued from C.A.R.A. a no kill shelter in Jackson, MS. She came to us recovering from sarcoptic mange ,red mange and weighed around 29 pounds. She had been sold on Craigslist to a college student who after bringing her home realized that all of her hair was falling out and she was sick. Once she found out how much it would be for treatment, she turned her over to the no kill shelter. During her first month with us, her spleen wrapped around her intestines and she had to have an emergency splenectomy. During this time her white blood cell count was skewered and she was pretty lifeless. After bringing her home from the vet and finally getting her to eat again and gain weight, she had another unknown medical issue that three vets could not figure out. This went on from June until November. We were finally referred to a specialist in Louisiana by the name of Dr. Bob. After a CT scan/MRI, a spinal tap and a few days in the clinic, they were able to determine that she had spondylosis of the spine. She then stayed there for ten days for treatments of a shot a day and ten (10) hyberbaric treatments. She then came home and continued daily pills for another two weeks. As of today, she is at fifty two pounds and healthy. Thanks to the diligence of South Paws Veterinary of Mandeville, LA and C.A.R.A. of Jackson for continuing to follow her. Nova loves her feline family and never meets a stranger, she loves her play at the dog park and riding in the car. She is truly a survivor.

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