Nubby — Therapy

Location: Chandler, Arizona

Despite being born without arms, Nubby is a very happy and active little guy who inspires everyone with his enthusiasm for life and altruistic acts of spreading love, kindness and compassion to those in need through his extensive volunteer work as a therapy dog and beyond.

At five years old, Nubby was given an opportunity for a new life and wheels. Nubby no longer had to endure the pain of bouncing on his tender chest while rubbing it raw. Months later, Nubby became a certified Therapy Dog and has been spreading love and kindness ever since. His presence has had a tremendous impact on over a thousand hospital patients so far. Nubby has worked with stroke patients, amputees and wounded Veterans in rehabilitation. On the ICU floor, Nubby’s big smile and calm, loving demeanor provide a ray of sunshine and a comforting distraction to the staff, family members and the patients themselves. At the children’s hospital, Nubby lifts the spirits of not only generally unwell kids but also of children enduring cancer treatments, car accident trauma and physical/mental challenges. Nubby’s continuous positive influence and therapeutic impact on patients alone merit Nubby the honor of receiving of the 2019 Hero Dog Award. However, his kindness, generosity and inspiration extend well beyond the hospital but also deep into the community and through social media. Nubby doesn’t care that he was born without arms because the only thing one needs to be able to love, is a heart…

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