Nugget — Shelter

Location: Eden, Texas

Nugget is a unique tracking dog. He was abandoned at 4 weeks of age on IH 45 in the Galveston area with his dead mother. As the owner and handler he started training at 3 months. Nuggets specialty is locating lost pets in disasters. During hurricane Harvey we met David Scherff who was helping people load up in boats to safety. Unfortunately a friend and his soulmate frank the bulldog was washed overboard. David was devasted. After several days of searching the people of Katy Texas came to help. As the owner I offered nugget to track frank. Scenting on hairs removed from David’s truck with tweezers nugget, on the 8th day of frank missing and after 5 grueling hours in heat, water, other deceased animals and snakes located frank who was deceased. Frank was partially covered by debris. Still wearing his harness David and his friend gently placed frank in a bag and left for the two hour journey back to San Antonio. David had closure and met a new friend in nuggy. Because of Harvey and the aftermath nugget with Franks nation now go to disasters to help shelters and lost pets. A recent trip to North Carolina was fruitful and nugget along with David and his deaf bulldog poundcake are a family along with 3000 followers. A lot of followers and pet families would recognize nugget as a hero. He is special to all of us

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