NY Vinny — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Freeway's Greyt Escape
Location: Grand Prairie, Texas

Emaciated, weighing approximately 39lbs, with bite marks on his neck, a slightly malformed front leg and terrified of anything that moved, NY Vinny wandered into a garage in west TX, December 2013. That area of west Texas, still uses greyhounds both to hunt coyotes and as bait. While we will never know which role, Vinny might have played, it is certain he was very lucky to be alive. When he was strong enough, he arrived in Dallas. From the moment, he laid his head on my lap, and sighed, we became inseparable. Within a month, I was the proud mother of a blossoming greyhound.

Vinny’s personality is now “over the top”! Never has a dog embraced life more than Vinny. EVERYTHING is an adventure and should have already been investigated. Since the day, he arrived, his mission has been to make people happy. Wearing his Harley goggles, with his head out the sunroof, he arrives wherever we go to smiles. Using his version of NY slang, he posts on FB about life as he sees it, and does freestyle to “Put Me in Coach” entertaining people who need a smile in their day. As of February, 4th 2017, we became a certified, Therapy Dog Team, thru Pet Partners. We are now adding hospital visits to our schedule, and are part of a library program, helping kids grow their confidence in reading. In 2016 I became a breast cancer survivor. Vinny and I are starting off our visits with cancer patients at a breast cancer retreat for N. Central Texas, offering hope, as well as love and smiles.