Ollie — Service

Charity Partner: Paws for Purple Hearts
Location: Menlo Park, California

Ollie skill set is at the highest level possible for a mobility dog. He is so highly trained that he is allowed to both roam the hospital unit he lives on off leash and unaccompanied and also travel off leash
Ollie is trained on over 90 commands among the things he can do are:
Poop on command
Open doors
turn on light switches
pick up, or “get” things (Ollie can pick up a dime with his teeth)
take off my jacket, pants, shoes and socks
pulls wheelchairs
opens refrigerators
Speak with two triggers
park himself under a chair and wait
wake me up when I’m having PTSD nightmares
bring his equipment to me and then puts his paws in my lap so I can put his harness and vest on.
take things out of the washing machine and put them in the dryer (front loading only)
ring bells, push buttons
hand over credit cards
and much, much more.