Omid — Shelter

Location: Rockville, Maryland

Omid was hit by a car, in the Middle East, & left for dead. The couple of years he was in the streets, dragging his paralyzed body around, he came across some cruel people who cut one of his ears, tied him to a motorcycle by his tail & dragged him causing him to also lose toes and scarred his frail body with knife wounds. Until one snowy winter night, he was rescued by a man. Later he was taken to Vafa Animal Shelter where it became the mission of Farah (U.S. Rep. for that Shelter) to bring Omid to the U.S. “Omid” which means to have “Hope” has been living with me since 2012, a couple of months after his arrival to America. Throughout these years, I have gained so much from him. I’ve learned to understand certain life lessons,in ways, I wouldn’t have before. Many people have praised me, over the years, on Social media & in person for doing whatever it took to take care of this beautiful boy, the way I have. I often hear how lucky he is. But I always respond, it’s I who’s the lucky one. Omid saved me. He, literally, saved my life…. I know I wouldn’t have been here, if it weren’t for him. I am, forever, indebted to him. I will spend all the days of my life, sharing his story and telling people the importance of rescuing dogs, even those that are disabled. For it’s the ‘broken’ ones that know how to heal your mind, body, heart and soul. Believe me, I am the lucky one.

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