Oreo — Service

Location: Spokane, Washington

My little fellow allows me to participate in life. I suffer from a traumatic brain injury from domestic. violence and also have PTSD and panic attacks. I can not take medication for these issues, because for me, they impact my short memory. I never know or can’t anticipate my triggers, but they usually happen when there are large amounts of people. Since I am single and ride the bus, this is basically during any time I am trying to participate in life, such as going to school or grocery shopping. When I feel occurring, I rub ki’s paws and he knows to lick me. This tactile stimulation diverts my triggers. Without him, I would have to get off buses immediately, no matter the weather, and even sometimes wait an hour for the next bus. Now, I can remain calm enough to continue with my tasks with only little interruption. No more hunting down groceries because workers thought they were abandoned when I rushed out until A panic attack has subsided.
He is with me all the time and during the course of day other dogs will bark at him from cars or yards, but this little guy never reacts. I always tell people we need to me more like him, when people mistreat us. Oreo just goes on his way, being a good service dog. It is like he is thinking, “ I’m happy. You have the issue and you won’t ruin my day.”
He really is a speak also dog. Once off leash, he plays and chases and is a regular dog, but on that leash, he is vigilant about working. He sits all day at college without a peep.