Ozzee — Shelter

Location: Wellington, Colorado

Ozzee was a severe abuse case. He is a chihuahua pit bull mix. His original humans tried to “sculpt” him in to a mini pit. They cut his tail off, butchered his ears and beat him up in an attempt to make him a mean little mini pit. This was for money I’m sure.
Confiscated by the shelter due to the abuse, he was adopted 3 times and returned all 3 times. He was so traumatized from abuse, no one wanted this frightened little dog who only hides. So he was returned. His 3rd time back however, the shelter reached out to me to rescue him as he was now in danger of being euthanized. I picked him up and I remember how he avoided eye contact with everyone. He would stare at the wall or floor. It was 3 weeks before he looked me in the eye. He was so scared of everything. After some forced socializing he slowly started coming around. One day it just clicked with him that I was here to take care of him and he has not let me out of his sight since. Bonded at the heart, he follows my every step everywhere we go. About a year into our relationship we started our own dog rescue. Since we started, we have rescued almost 2000 dogs in 5-6 years. We have relocated to Colorado and converted a cattle ranch to a dog ranch. We’re still rescuing as well as boarding and transport now.
About 3 years ago Ozzee developed gastroenteritis and had to be rushed to emergency. He almost died. They were able to save him and he heard up nicely after giving me a good scare.
He is still rescuing dogs today!