Peanut — Shelter

Location: Gilroy, California

Peanut escaped his chains only to be hit by a car; a neighbor who witnessed him getting hit brought him to the vet but the owner was not able to pay for his treatment nor handle the aftercare, and surrendered poor Peanut to be euthanized. Thankfully, the staff did not put him to sleep but rather rallied to find a rescue – the vet hospital took custody of Peanut so that he could be treated for his fractured pelvis/plates and hip/fho which requires strict cage rest.

Palo Alto Humane Society stepped up and is covering his financial costs for his extensive medical care. Thankfully for Peanut, he is a big boy, which ultimately saved his life, though he was not in the best shape/very thin and unable to walk from his injuries. He stayed at the vet for a week, then he came to our house – we put an enclosure up in the living room, with a big bed for him to lay on and a potty spot as he is on bed rest.

He had his sutures and staples removed on the 10th and has been doing fantastic. As he is a large and intimidating pit bull, it was a God send that he never made into the shelter; despite his easy going demeanor, we know that pitties have bad raps.

Peanut is the most loving, sweet gentle giant – his tongue is bigger than my face – he gives the best kisses, sometimes a bit slobbery, but great super gentle kisses. Though he was malnourished, he will not enjoy his treats unless I am in the enclosure with him – attn is better than treats.

He is the apitomy of a pitty – a gentle giant!

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