Peanut Jackson Swan — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pets for Patriots
Location: Avon, New York

Feb 18th 2015, I heard there was a puppy that a lady had that needed a new home because the puppy wasn’t supposed to be in a high rise apt building. I went to see about the puppy, as I got the info about what was going on I knew I had to save him from going into a dog shelter. At the time I found out my dog Clifford had cancer to liver and spleen. The bond I had with Clifford was very special. I felt in love with my Clifford at 1st sight in 2010. I didn’t love Peanut like that. I just knew I had to save him. Clifford and I took Peanut in. We worked w/Peanut for a good month before I had to lay down Clifford. I was struggling with Clifford’s passing, and having Peanut in my life kept me from going over the edge. Peanut was approved by my doctor & therapist to be my next Emotional Support Dog. As I was fighting thru the loss of my other dog & dealing with life issues I got worse. I gave Peanut up for a whole week. I felt so empty & lost without my dogs. I fought through my depression & suicidal thoughts for the sake of Peanut. There was a time I didn’t want to get to close to Peanut cause I was scared something would take him away from me just like my Clifford. As time has gone by, I realize how much love this boy had. We started working together, Our bond started to grow and has gotten stronger. Our love has grown over the months. His love, loyalty and friendship has saved me from taking my own life at times. Peanut Jackson is my new Hero!!