Pebbles — Shelter

Location: Benton Harbor, Michigan

When we decided to get a dog older, potty trained and past puppy stage, we found Pebbles on te internet at out local Humane Society. She was 4 years old and was dropped off witha litter of puppies. They persons actually called her puppy. The Humane Society gave her a real name. She has been a blessing to our family. She was always so involved with herding the kids, smelling each one that came over. She is so smart, we have taught her to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, all of which she still does today. I am still hoping to get her to become a utube sensation with her ‘brother and sister”, who are cats, also adopted. Its funny when she hears thunder, she barks and chasing one of them! She truly is my best friend, protector and living companion. The kids are grown and gone, and i watch her turn more grey dreading the day she too has to go.

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