Persephone — Shelter

Location: Chicago, Illinois

My dog Persephone is my hero and saved my life. In June 2017 I had a fall that caused major injuries to my leg. I was in agonizing pain and I lost a lot of mobility. I was very active before the accident, so I became very depressed. I became suicidal.
My oldest son Ross told me what I needed was my very own dog. My youngest son has a Service Dog, but that is his dog, not mine. I thought, yeah, the last thing I need is a dog. But I started to look on the Chicago Animal Care And Control Facebook page anyway.
I saw the cutest face on there. And when I saw her name was Persephone, that sealed the deal! Persephone is my favorite goddess!
Ross and I planned on going and adopting her at a shelter event. But we were not going to be able to go until the afternoon as we had another community event we were obligated to attend.
By the time we got there, Persephone had been adopted. I was devastated. We looked at other dogs but none touched my heart. Ross said we should just wait, but I said no, she’s too perfect, no one would return a perfect dog like her.
A few hours later I received a Facebook message from one of the CACC staff. Persephone had been returned! And we could pick her up the next day!
The next day was Father’s Day, but Ross gave up being with his children to take me to adopt Persephone. It was the best day of my life.
Persephone saved my life and helped me heal. She is a true hero.

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