Peter Tare Valor — Service

Location: Olyphant, Pennsylvania

I am a Pennsylvania State Trooper. I was severely wounded by a sniper attack in 2014. Due to my injury, my right leg was amputated below the knee. Peter helps me in many ways. He provides me with physical and mental aid. Peter walks on my right side and supports me if I lose my balance. He helps me open doors and different drawers and cabinets. He retrieves my cell phone and car keys when I don’t have my prosthetic on. If I have anxiety I usually start to rub my hands together or bump my leg. Peter recognizes these symptoms and places his head on my leg and pushes my hands apart with his snout. Peter also helps in putting our 7 and 9 year old daughters to sleep in their beds at night. Peter’s vest is made out of a Pennsylvania State Trooper shirt. The shirt belonged to a State Trooper that was at our Barracks the night I was shot. I take Peter to public speaking events at various schools. He provides comfort to the kids as well as myself. Peter is named after the PT 109 boats in WW2. Peter is an amazing dog and provides my family with great care. Peter is a hero to me in so many ways.