Phoenix — Therapy

Location: New Braunfels, Texas

Phoenix began his journey with us at appx 5 months of age. Rescued from Ft Worth Animal Shelter, Phoenix was emaciated, scared and in poor physical health. His recovery was slow, but his will to live was great. Phoenix began his journey to Therapy Dog by traveling to Houston in 2015 and passed his Therapy Dog Certification with with ease. His first assignment in 2016 was the Comal County Courthouse Dog in Texas, where he tended to children testifying during court proceedings. He would spend hours comforting children and their families as they faced the most difficult times in their lives. In 2017, he began visiting schools, clinics and treatment centers in two counties in Texas, offering encouragement to children with learning disabilities and medical issues. For the past three years Phoenix continues to share love and hope through Texas. Students at the School of Science and Technology in San Antonio share a special bond with Phoenix. He visits regularly with the K-3 students and encourages good behavior, reading readiness and friendship with his children. He dedicates extra time to work with special needs and autistic students to encourage focus and comprehension skills. One of the most important things Phoenix teaches is caring about living things, treating each other with kindness and respecting His Facebook page and Instagram share his adventures around the state. Children from all over reach out to Phoenix for comfort. He is all too happy to reciprocate their love.