Pinky — Shelter

Location: La Habra, California

Pinky is my first pet and I adopted her from Beagles and Buddies back in 2010 when she was 2. I always knew that the first pet I got would be a shelter dog because those are the ones who can be euthanized at any moment….and that is so heartbreaking to hear. She was quiet at first but then the chihuahua personality in her came out. She got into my closet and room with no fault of her own. I would accidentally leave my door open, and from that she probably chewed up about 10 pairs of shoes….but nothing could make me be upset at her. She has been with me through good and bad times and always stood by my side, even through the time when I was going to some anxiety. She knew something was wrong and would get on the bed and just lie there beside me. She got me through the hard times and I’ll be truly brokenhearted when she has to leave this world.

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