Piper — Therapy

Charity Partner: Pet Partners
Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
Piper is labeled as a “Pit Bull” so being a Therapy dog team we like to get out in our community and show how great “pit bull” types of dogs are. When we visit our local hospital, people don’t care that she’s a pit bull, they are just so excited to get to love on her and she’s just as excited to see all the people who are there; whether they are rehab patients, dialysis patients or just people who walk the halls. We also do Therapy visits in a nursing home and with some hospice patients. We are part of a Pit Bull Awareness group in our community where we get to do walks, events or parades showcasing how great dogs like her are, and meeting many adults and the children who just love to see her, especially the children. She lights up seeing all the kids in the community and in her own neighborhood.