Potato — Shelter

Location: Lakewood, Colorado

Potato is a rescue dog who came from poor conditions, living in the bed of a truck with multiple other dogs, covered in urine and fecal scalding. She was born with severe deformities of both hind legs, so she is only able to use her front legs to get around. She was taken from her old owners and brought to a shelter, where she was given a wheelchair for the first time and adapted to it with ease. I adopted her last May, and every day she has inspired me with her determination to overcome any obstacle. Despite being in a wheelchair, she is the greatest hiking partner. Everywhere she goes she attracts groups of people who want to meet her and hear her story. One day a young girl in a wheelchair came up to meet her, she was so happy to meet a dog like her. Potato is also an advocate for special needs pets. She shows people that just because they need a little extra care every day does not mean they are any less adoptable. She shows people that special needs pets still make the most amazing companions. Potato is an inspiration and my little hero.