Quincy — Law Enforcement / Arson

Charity Partner: Project Paws Alive, Inc.
Location: Clearwater, Florida

Quincy is the only Arson Dog in our County. He is a 9 year old male and was a rescue dog out of a local shelter. Quincy has assisted all fire departments in Pinellas County and multiple surrounding counties. With being one of the few Arson dogs in the state he also gets to assist the state fire marshal’s office. Quincy has been an asset when assists other fire departments in our county. We have been together since he was 6 months old when he was rescued from the shelter as a family pet. He amazed us with his nose at such a young age and we knew he was destine for greatness. Quincy enjoys going to schools and doing shows with all of the kids. When we do programs for the kids and we set off the smoke alarm he howls and runs to the door and the kids love that, as well as teaches them when the alarm sounds they need to get out. Quincy loves to work and thinks it is a game when we go to fires. The Clearwater Fire Department supports us in every way and makes sure Quincy is well taken care of at all times.

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