Radar — Shelter

Location: Winder, Georgia

This is Radar he is 1 year old. We foster dogs for Canine Pet Rescue. He and his 3 siblings came in together, stuffed in a medium plastic crate at roughly 12 weeks of age. We chose him as our foster. He was basically feral . He ran from us and hid behind things. He wouldn’t let us touch him for about 3 days. We couldn’t kennel him. He would scream and thrash around. He wouldn’t eat. Our other dog Beauty took care of him and soon he came out of his shel. It took 3 months before we could kennel him for any extended time. He slept on the bed with me. I eventually decided to adopt him. He has come so far. He loves everyone he meets. He’s in obedience training working on manners. He has changed my life for the better. Radar love is the best dog from horrible beginnings.

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