Ratchet — Search and Rescue

Location: Union City, Pennsylvania

Ratchet is a 5 year pit bull. He was originally a rehome/rescue. I am his owner and handler I received him at 5 months old in November and he never displayed “puppy” behavior. I would watch him sniff out his hs toys that were buried under snow from the day before. He was by far the most intelligent dog I had ever come across. I knew he would not be easy to place due too his energy level and intelligence so I decided to keep him and find him a job.

Ratchet is part of Northwest Pennsylvania K9 Search and Rescue. They are an all volunteer non profit organization. Ratchet and his handler Colleen have spent the last 5 years working and certifying on mantrailing. He works tirelessly during his training and when he is called out for searches with our team. He is ready to go anytime day or night. “As soon as I get my uniform out he knows it’s time to go!” He and his team train up to 20 hours a week through out the year to perfect his skills. His training will never stop till his handler decides he is ready to retire.

The bond developed from a team of this nature is very strong. “I call him my guardian angel.” He takes me to better places and gives my own life direct. And to be able to help my community with my k9 partner is an amazing experience.

Ratchet and his team are called out up to 25 times a year in multiple counties and states to assist in searches involving children, missing hunters, and alzheimer patients that walk away from facilities. Ratchet lives in the snow belt in Pennsylvania and works through all four seasons where the summers are in the 90’s and the winters get into the negatives.

He is certified in Mantrailing by INTBI, and is a Canine Good Citizen.

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