Rayne — Service

Location: Cleona, Pennsylvania

Rayne came to me when I was broken, physically and mentally. Physically, I was using a walker and had just started physical therapy for a long standing injury. Rayne was abused before I got her, and is evident by missing fur around her neck and a BB lodged in her neck. That said, she is the sweetest dog and she loves to work. I was skeptical when I got her in 2014 because I didn’t know how this 30 lb corgi mix was going to help. Then the training started. It was slow moving at first. She had just come from a high kill shelter in SC and was set for euthanasia. It is a Miracle we both found each other. After the first year of training, she passed her CGC test. She is very focused when she’s working, but outside the vest she will revert to a playful almost puppy like state. She loves to play ball and will never leave your side if it means being close to someone. She wasn’t too thrilled about the hat in this picture. You can see her lip is curled over her tooth with disdain. I’m so thankful to have my babygirl.