Rebel — Therapy

Location: Norwood, Massachusetts

Meet Rebel – Walpole’s Community Resource Dog:
Rebel is very well known in the town of Walpole and really can’t go anywhere without being recognized. She has not only received her Canine Good Citizen Award, but also graduated with her siblings from Golden Opportunities For Independence. Rebel is not your typical “service dog”. As a matter of fact, we have given her a new title “Community Resource Dog”. Rebel is serving the Walpole Community in many different ways. She started off as a bridge between the towns youth and the police department. She then quickly became more of a town ambassador. Rebel and Officer Hart can be seen walking the halls of a school, attending a meeting at town hall, sitting at the police station, attending a dinner at the senior center and supporting the home team at a football game all in one day! She has help foster reading in the elementary schools, deescalated high stress situations at the middle school and offered stress relief before exams at the high school. On a daily basis she welcomes kids to school, helps get kids to come to school, helps get kids to go to classes and participates in lesson plans. Rebel can be spotted at a meeting with the Norfolk County DA, hanging out at the Walpole Council on Aging, riding in a police cruiser, running in a road race and just walking around town.
What started off as an idea to help with the social emotional health of Walpole’s youth has blossomed into fostering a greater sense of community.