Reese — Shelter

Location: Rocky Point, New York

Reese was a rescue that came from NC to NY. She was taken in by North Shore Animal League of America in July 2013. She was at the shelter for only 2 days before I adopted her off one of their mobile adoption units in the town I was living at the time. Reese quickly became acclimated into our family after going through so much in her 8 weeks of life. She had just overcome parasites, and shortly after she got round worm, which she came through like a champ. She soon became my Velcro dog and got me through a lot of tough times. She slept with me for several nights following my fathers passing in 2014, as she was able to sense my crippling anxiety. She was also able to detect my pregnancy before I even took a test, also in 2014. She bonded with our now 5-year-old daughter instantly upon return from the hospital and has been her protector as well as my husbands protector following his severe car accident in 2016. We recently had to euthanize one of our other dogs, a 13 year old Yorkie Poo, Hershey, last month. She sensed my husbands grief and stayed by his side day and night to help him. When I talk to her, she sits and stares so intently, it’s almost human like and I swear she understands. She is also an all black dog, which can often get overlooked in shelters. She’s a hero to all of us and we love her.