Relic — Law Enforcement / Arson

Charity Partner: Throw Away Dogs
Location: Forked River, New Jersey

Relic is a 5 year old male German Shepard. We started our journey in September 2013. Graduating from The State Corrections Police Canine Academy for patrol and narcotics in 2014, we started this program on 100% donations and fundraising. As a team we have had several successful tracks, criminal apprehensions and narcotic finds, making the community a safer place. Even though we graduated a few years ago we continue to train everyday we can to be at the top of our game. This picture is a day at the range where Relic is trained around gunfire. This type of training is crucial and is a must as we respond to several calls throughout the year of “shots fired.” We also attend several training seminars along with competing and successfully completing USPCA trials. Relic, a Police working dog, is also my partner. I know without a doubt in my mind he would give his life to save mine or someone else from the community and for that he is a hero.