Rex — Shelter

Location: Edmond, Oklahoma

Rex is a gray pitbull mix who is guessed to be about 2 years old but probably getting close to 3 years old. He was our very first foster dog that we fostered through a rescue. He had kennel cough and was underweight. When we got him home, he would just bury his head in your chest like he wanted you to hold him. Weeks later after Rex was fully recovered we decided to foster some puppies! So we had 4 puppies from 2 different litters! Thankfully, Rex stepped up as Mr. Mom and nurtured those puppies like they were his boys. He showed them where to use the bathroom and how to play with other dogs. They always went outside with Rex and he was a the best puppy sitter! He never left them by themselves and herded them around the yard teaching them new things. Since then, all of the puppies have been adopted except one, Petey. Rex and Petey are best buds and it’s obvious that he takes after his foster dog dad, Rex. Without a dog like Rex, we wouldn’t have been successful in getting those pups raised well! Rex also makes sure that any other foster dog we bring into the house feels welcome and always invites them to play wrestle mania in the back yard!

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