Ricki — Service

Sponsor: Lulu's Fund
Location: Placentia, California

Ricki is a most incredible dog, trained by an incredible organization. She alerts on my blood sugar levels faster than our best current technology, and never judges me for forgetting to give a shot or eating something that will dramatically affect my blood sugar. She wakes me up in the middle of the night when things go awry, and keeps me in check during the day when I’m busy and diabetes is in the back of my mind.
The photo I submitted is Ricki alerting me–giving me the paw. This is how she tells me to check my blood sugar.
One morning in October, I could not get myself out of bed. I kept falling back asleep, which is unlike me. Ricki got me up three times. Once just with her nose on my bed, I figured it was late and she wanted breakfast, so I rolled over, not even considering diabetes. Second time a paw, I checked my Dexcom, saw 76 (a little low) gave her a treat and nodded back off… Ricki wouldn’t give up, even if she had her treat already. She knew something was off, so she stuck her nose on my pillow and continuously snorted VERY LOUDLY until I got back up and did a finger stick. My blood sugar was very low, in the 50s (normal range 90-140). When there isn’t enough sugar in your blood, your body starts shutting down, because it can’t function. A diabetic’s biggest fear is “dead in bed syndrome”– basically not waking up due to a low blood sugar. Thank God for this dog. I was so out before she got me up, I may not have woken up at all that day.

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