Ridley — Service

Location: Fullerton, California

Since the day she was adopted, I knew Ridley would be my lifeline. She began training when she was three months old, and now as we near her first birthday, she has blown me away in how far she’s come. Truth be told I don’t know if i’d still be here if it hadn’t have been for this girl. She gets me out of bed everyday and pushes me to get out of the house, even if it’s just to the grocery store. When symptoms of my anxiety disorder or health conditions arise, she is there by my side. I’ve made so many amazing friends within the service dog community since getting Ridley, and we’ve made so many incredible memories. We go to Disneyland almost weekly together, something I could’ve never done without her. Ridley loves meeting the characters, going on the rides, and having play breaks with her fellow service dogs. She’s one of the most bombproof dogs i’ve ever met, and handles fireworks like a pro! She brightens everyone’s day with her big yoda ears and pink tail. Especially when she’s dressed in her Disney attire, like her Minnie Mouse ears! Going from being a competitive dancer for 11 years, to hardly being able to get out of bed most days, was hard. Indescribably hard. But when I felt alone and broken, Ridley was there. She has given me an independence I never thought i’d have. I know that when I leave the house I am safe with her. Ridley is my best friend, my lifeline, and my hero. I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Truthfully, she is my world.