Rileydogg — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Secondhand Hounds
Location: Perkinston, Mississippi

Rileydogg was given to me by my brother because he could not handle her. She would run away and not come home for a week at a time. He blamed this on the fact that she was a rescue and had been found wandering the streets of a local small town. Once she came home with me, around one year of age, she has been my constant companion for the last fourteen years. My brother and his wife came to visit about three months after I had Rileydogg. We were sitting on the porch and she was lying by my chair. My brother looked at me in disbelief and asked “Is that the same dog?” My answer, was YES. She was calm, cool and collected. She no longer ran away when she was let out of the house. I chalk this up to the fact that she had my complete attention and still does after all these years. She has been thru not one, but two car wrecks with me and has recovered as I recovered from each incident. She has been companion to a multitude of animals of the feline persuasion and my other male dog. She loves kids, adults and other animals, including horses. Rileydogg has allowed me to train her, dress her in clothes, donned goggles on occasion and has been my riding partner for many years. It saddens me to see her grow older and I know she will be gone in a few years. I now have to pick her and place her on the seat for her rides and unload her the same way. She still enjoys and gets excited when I say “let’s go ride”.

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