Rizzo — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Dogs on Deployment
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

From the moment Rizzo was introduced to Bernadette, her second human sister, she has been her best friend. In their almost four years together, Rizzo has been by her side. It’s been a rough go for Bernadette. She’s had a colostomy. She has a tracheostomy. She has Hirschsprung’s disease and Trisomy 21. Through all the ups and down, Rizzo has been by her side. They nap together. They play together. Rizzo has taught her some good things – like how to be gentle and how to stay active – and some not so good things – like how to carry things in her mouth or lick you on your face. From the moment Bernadette wakes up, until she gets hooked up to her machines at night time, Rizzo is by her side. Bernadette has had over 15 medical procedures and when she comes home, whether it’s the next day or 50 days later, Rizzo is there waiting for her and giving her the snuggles and kisses she needs to get better. For a little girl who has endured her share of medical issues, Rizzo is the perfect medicine and just what the doctor ordered.