Rocky — Shelter

Location: Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania

At about 2 months old Rocky was taken to a vet by his owner who claimed a few days prior he was in the yard unattended and was attacked by other dogs. He had scabs arround his neck and his pelvis was shattered. The injuries were too great and the owner wanted him put down. The vet contated a local shelter in TN who in turn contacted a rescue in PA to see if they could help. After looking at Rocky’s X-rays the orthopedic surgeon in PA thought he could help so arrangements were made for Rocky to fly to PA thanks to the Pilots N Paws program. Rocky arrived at his foster home under weight and could not sit, stand or walk because of his injuries. When the surgeon opened him up he discovered the previous owner lied when the injury happened and the bones were already healed incorrectly. The surgeon was afraid if he rebroke them Rocky would never walk again. The rescue had to make the decision of putting him down or let the surgeon do what he could with cleaning out the shattered bone fragments and cleaning up the scar tissue. The surgeon felt this would give Rocky a 50-50 chance of walking with a cart. Rocky’s foster home advocated for the surgeon to do what he could because Rocky was a fighter and they owed it to him to have some sort of happy life after all his heart break. I am happy to say that now Rocky can run, jump and play WITHOUT a cart and if you didn’t know his story you would never know anything happened to him. He is one determined pup who earned his name Rocky.

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