Rocky Bullwinkle — Shelter

Location: Surfside, South Carolina

8 years ago I was lucky enough to find my best friend. A young lady who worked at a kill shelter had taken a liking to Rocky and knew Rocky had reached his time where he would be put down. This young lady would take Rocky home at night to try and extend his date with death. She placed him on Craigslist where I happened to be looking. I had been looking for that 1 special dog. I met her and Rocky jumped on my chest. I put him down and he jumped right back up. I knew at that moment he needed me. It may have appeared at the time that I saved his life but he actually saved my life. After I agreed to take him she then told me he had a couple of issues, turned out we both had been broken in life. What I have learned is he has the ability to spot a broken human being and be the difference in wanting to live. I know I’m alive today because of the love he gives, but that wasn’t his biggest miracle. My son, at 33 was broken from life and nothing I could do could change that. 7 years after I got Rocky I saw him once again jump on my sons chest with that look in his eyes. I watched him love him back to life. This broken young man with no will to live felt the power that God gave this incredible member of my family. He is my best friend .I thank God daily for putting Rocky in my life and I thank Rocky for saving my sons life. He is much more than a dog, he truly is my best friend, he is my hero. He has fixed 2 broken lives and I know he is by no means done. My friend, My best friend Rocky

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