Roger Federer — Emerging Hero

Charity Partner: Pilots N Paws
Location: Huntington, New York

Hello…Roger Federer came into my life after he was rescued off the streets of Puerto Rico…he was found sitting outside a grocery no hair and scabs all over his body looking up at every person coming out and saying…”Are you my mommy…” A woman sitting at a red light who worked for a rescue saw him…scooped him up and the rest is history…after being vetted and given a clean bill of health Roger (named by the woman who rescued him during the US Open) came to me for foster…he was a fiesty little boy that loved to play and loved to be loved…he would entertain himself for hours…I had been going through tests and waiting for results of a biopsy on my breast…My doctor called while I was standing at my office window watching my silly little dog playing and running back and forth…no holds barred…he said…”Andrea, you have breast cancer…the tears started rolling and without making a sound it was as if Roger knew…he stopped playing and walked over to the window from outside and just stared at me…I looked at him and said…”you think you live here don’t you? well you do now and you and I are going to help each other heal…” He knew and through the treatments he was here for me…he made me laugh and kept me optimistic…I love him…since then I have fostered another PR stray and have become another foster failure…oh well…my house is filled with love and laughter and I am today in remission…Thank you God for sending me two silly dogs that are the best!