Rookie — Service

Location: Southbridge, Massachusetts

Rookie is my Service Dog and best friend. He spends his days helping me, most of the time I am ok. But when my Multiple Sclerosis is acting up, he is ever present, helping me if I trip, or in pain. He listens to my feet when we are out and can tell when I am over tired and need to go home before I fall. He nudges me until I go home. I once had a really bad fall and he helped drag me to my home so I could call for help, while doing so I injured his shoulders, he didn’t stop until I was safe. He also likes to help educate others as to what a Service Dog is all about, especially children. We are looking into going to Schools, Fire stations, Police stations and Emergency Rooms to help educate the staff as to what a Service Dog is all about. The greatest gift he gives to me, I don’t feel like a disabled person with him. He makes life livable for me. He puts me first and his needs second. He is truely amazing. Love my Rookie