Roscoe Boo Boo — Shelter

Location: Friendshio, Ohio

My dog, Roscoe Boo Boo, deserves to be an American Hero Dog because he saves me every time I look at him. Roscoe came to me as a foster. I saw him on a rescue site on social media. He was at a local veterinarian hospital due to injuries he had when he was found on the side of the road. He was infected with two types of Lyme Disease, he had been possibly hit, someone had cut his ear…leaving three flaps, he had been shot in the leg in the past, and he was in desperate need of love and attention.
I had recently moved into my new house after leaving a very emotional and physically abusive relationship. I had other pets and a lot of love to give and rescuing felt like it was what I was called to do. When Roscoe came to live with me and my other furs, I knew he would be permanent and not simply a foster. He and I both had been through some trauma…we had our battle scars—physical and emotion. We both needed a new outlook on life. I was dealing with some pretty major depression and anxiety…Roscoe was too. We would lay together on the couch and watch TV and when I would cry, Roscoe would take his paw and pat me. He would nudge my arm and insist on me petting him and it took my focus off of worrying and onto loving him. His big eyes…even with cataracts…begged for attention, but were also filled with love. Roscoe is my little old man…he is a hero to me…when I was at my lowest, Roscoe saved me from myself. He gave me purpose and unconditional love and continues to do so.